• Gary Squire

Last Day in Lucca

Today is our last day in Lucca. I'm glad we gave ourselves 3 days to explore, and that's just the old city, inside the wall. I took a hotel bike yesterday and rode around for hours. I got lost because all the narrow lanes look so similar. Eventually I got my bearings and now I can find places quite easily. I ran again this morning on the wall, and stopped for a cappuccino. Went out for a pizza dinner last night; it was so good but so big that we couldn't finish it.

It rained a bit overnight. I plan to ride the bike again today. There's a unique tower in the town with a hanging garden and huge trees on top. You can climb to the top, which I will do. Jelena will wonder around the shops some more, and we'll met up for coffee and vino breaks.

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