• Gary Squire

The Maui Attitude.

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Recent holiday at Napili Bay in Maui reminded me of the Maui attitude, which I'll express as 10 rules:

1. There's no hurry! Just relax!

2. The best plan for the day is no plan. Make it up as you go.

3. While sitting on the beach, contemplate where you might go for dinner.

4. Happy hour starts at noon, or earlier.

5. Get up early, watch the sunrise, relax all day at the beach, watch the sunset and go to sleep. Wake up early and repeat.

6. Eat plenty of fresh fruit, lots of seafood, and any Hawaiian snacks you like including chocolates, cookies & chips!

7. Don't worry about anything; it's a waste of time.

8. Observe Hawaiians closely and adopt the same attitude.

9. Hike, run, stroll, sit on the beach, take photos, read, and do lots of nothing!

10. Refer again to #1.

Slow down! This is Maui! You're at the beach!

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