Gary Squire - Photo Artist



     Before retirement, I was a teacher and principal for many years, mostly in North Vancouver, Canada.  Teaching is still a passion for me. My expertise in teaching English and teaching methodology has afforded me many short-term assignments in China, spanning the past 12 years,  including a full year In Haikou, Hainan Province, and another year in Zibo, Shandong Province.  In both Haikou and Zibo, I was a high school principal of B.C. offshore schools. Thus, China has become a second home for me. particularly Beijing where I love to travel the subway system and enjoy everyday life with my Chinese friends.


    Photography has always been a hobby of mine. In recent years I've devoted a lot more time to improving my skills.

My Photography Style Statement:


     The subjects of my photos are wide ranging, from architecture, street photos, portraits of people and animals, still life, landscapes and seascapes. Similarly diverse, I shoot both close-up details and panoramic scenes. I often see the beauty in ordinary things, including people performing everyday activities, which I try to convey in photos that seem to tell stories, such as a young boy looking slightly anxious about getting a haircut. One of my passions is fine art and a lifelong practice of oil and watercolour painting, so my photo editing  often includes a painterly finish.  I describe my images as PHOTO ART.